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Macrosoft (ACDS)

Macrosoft is a leading service provider for document composition solutions with extensive end-to-end experience. Our highly skilled experts have successfully and seamlessly completed implementations for many clients helping them to achieve higher satisfaction levels and a lower total cost of ownership. Combining business knowledge and technological expertise, our team provides best-in-class solutions to our customers.

Macrosoft’s Advanced Composition Development Solutions (ACDS) Team

Combining business knowledge and technological expertise, our team of HP Exstream Software experts provides clients best-in-class solutions in document-centric software development projects. Information about ACDS can be found at

Capacity Overflow Services

All companies experience peaks and valleys of their business requirements, therefore most of the demand does not maintain an even flow. Be it year-end or other mission critical deadlines, Macrosoft has the established resources and facilities to handle your overflow capacity. Macrosoft’s expertise in intelligent document design & composition and “print & mail” processes on a variety of platforms, allows our team to quickly support your operations during peak demand.

How do we meet your peak demands?

  • Round-the-clock support with cost-effective global delivery model.
  • With over 150 technical staff in the U.S. and 200 more in development facilities off-shore, Macrosoft provides a global model that delivers services through a combination of off-shore, on-shore, and on-site resources
  • People-intensive and time-consuming creative work is handled by the off-shore team in a way that is transparent to the client
  • Around-the-clock development, shortening the time to project completion.
  • Improve productivity & turn-around time with priority in maintaining brand compliance
  • Automate time-consuming tasks
  • Streamline processes ensuring reduction in errors & miscommunication
  • Increase performance & optimize high-volume output

Conversion to HP Exstream

Macrosoft employs some of the most talented and experienced professionals with extensive print industry knowledge helping our clients convert from legacy environments and software products to HP Exstream Software and empowering them with enhanced & proven solutions.

Why Migrate to HP Exstream

  • Many proprietary products are reaching end-of-life or expiration of support in the upcoming year
  • Most of the legacy solutions do not support growing and modern enhanced personalized communications
  • Proven success in smooth transitions from legacy products such as EZ-Letter and CSF, CompuSet and DOC1, to HP Exstream Software
  • Eliminate multiple costs & disparate solutions for meeting various communication

What do we convert to HP Exstream?

  • CSF
  • DocuMerge
  • DOC-1
  • ISIS Papyrus
  • Calligo
  • EZ-Letter
  • Autograph
  • Basically any composition software to HP Exstream Software

HP Exstream Software Version Upgrade

Macrosoft has expertise in performing Version upgrades of HP Exstream Software to equip its clients with enhanced features to meet their communication goals and continue to receive HP Exstream support. Many clients do not have the resources or time to devote to this very important process.

Why Should I move away from my current version?

  • Support and maintenance of HP Exstream Software Version 4.0 expires on December 31, 2010
  • Ongoing support and maintenance of HP Exstream Design and Production 5.0, and any related software components, will reach their end-of-life on February 28, 2011
  • Ongoing support and maintenance of HP Exstream Design and Production 6.0/6.1, and any related software components, will reach end-of-life on August 31, 2011

Why should I upgrade to newer Version

  • HP Exstream Software 7.0 includes more than 250 enhancements
  • Support for Complex Interactive and On-Demand Customer Communications
  • Optimized Remote collaboration
  • Reduce Cost by Switching to ONE solution
  • New conversion utilities for migrating from legacy document composition systems such as DocuMerge, DocuMaker and Top Down
  • Extended support for QuarkXpress and RTF designs
  • Improved output compare tools for testing
  • Ability to embed barcodes into automated tables
  • Wizard-based charting and new chart types
  • Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) output improvements for color support, outline fonts and DBCS

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